Welcome to Module 1-R.

Summary of the Introduction to e-Discovery.

This module starts with a short-short explanation by Professor Losey of the threefold solution to the problem of e-discovery that is covered in this introductory course. Next he provides an 11-minute lecture on Teamwork and Cooperation. This is all stuff you should have nailed by now. The module ends with an assignment on team articles and software.

Here is Professor Losey’s 11-minute lecture on Teamwork and Cooperation.


SUPPLEMENTAL READING: Do a West, Lexis, and/or Goggle Scholar search of publications of any type that discuss e-discovery teams. Pick one or two that look interesting, read them. 

EXERCISE: Find and name a few popular e-discovery software programs and figure out what do they do. While you are at it, look for a CEO of a software company who wrote an book about Predictive Coding where Ralph Losey wrote the Forward. You can get a copy free from the vendor. If you find it, and read it, write said CEO with any questions you may have on the topic, and please use Losey’s name to get an answer.

Students are invited to leave a public comment below. Insights that might help other students are especially welcome. Let’s collaborate!

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