This module is comprised primarily of a video of Ralph Losey making his final remarks and closing statement for this e-discovery law course. He shares what it takes to make it as an e-discovery professional in the 21st Century. Professor Losey, shown here in his law office, also talks about course testing. Unfortunately, the testing service option is no longer offered now that this school is free.


SUPPLEMENTAL READING: Go back and look at the lists of all of the 84 Modules and consider which ones you might want to skim-read again to be sure your understanding is clear.

EXERCISE: Consider how this online class compares to all of the other courses you have taken in school or continuing education programs you have participated in after graduation. Consider the asynchronous online nature of the course and how it compared with scheduled, brick-and-mortar classes and CLEs. Write Ralph ( and tell him your thoughts, including, but please not limited to, responses to the following specific questions.

Do you think this course was effective in teaching you this subject?

How did you like the reading and exercise assignments at the end of each module? What suggestions do you have to improve them?

Would you like to see more online course likes this on subjects others than e-discovery?

What was you favorite things about this course? Your least favorite?

Discretionary Bonus Exercise: Provide us with some specific suggestions on how to improve this course.

SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM RALPH LOSEY: It has been a pleasure and honor to teach you in this online e-discovery course. May you continue in your pioneering ways. May you help others to swim and prosper in the flood of electronic information and help keep truth and justice afloat.

Students are invited to leave a public comment below. Insights that might help other students are especially welcome. Let’s collaborate!


Copyright Ralph Losey 2015


Ralph is a Partner in LOSEY PLLC. The law firm was founded by his son and daughter-in-law, Adam and Cat Losey, and can be found at Ralph has over forty years of experience representing companies and individuals in information technology issues, including deals, contracts and business advice. Ralph also has substantial experience in civil litigation, including commercial, Qui Tam, intellectual property, employment and insurance. His litigation sub-specialty in these areas has always been fraud, primarily defense oriented, but he also initiated for the plaintiff, on behalf of the United States, several government fraud Qui Tam cases. One resulted in what still stands as the largest False Claims Act settlement in history.

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