Welcome to Module 4-M.

Lecture by Ralph Losey on Diligence and Cooperation.

Ralph began the NIU symposium on e-Discovery and Ethics in 2010 with this lecture. He shows how ethics drives e-discovery.





MANDATORY READING ASSIGNMENTS. Read the two cases and four opinions referenced in this video (three opinions in Bray and one in Florida A&M) and note some of the many odd facts in these cases. Do you know why the Florida attorneys were not sanctioned along with the New York attorneys? To help your research, I include here a copy of the third Bray case. The first two are online several places.

EXERCISES. Formulate a counter-argument to Losey’s assertion at the beginning of this lecture that not all litigation lawyers need to learn how to do e-discovery, that they can instead just delegate and rely on e-discovery specialists. Assuming you are a Senior level registered student, we suggest that you take advantage of this relatively easy assignment to begin review of all course materials and study for the final exam.

Students are invited to leave a public comment below. Insights that might help other students are especially welcome. Let’s collaborate!

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Friend of AI. Tech lawyer by day since 1980 with special skills and experience using legal technology, especially AI. Also an Arbitrator (AAA) and legal tech writer. By night an electronic meditation musician-composer since 1973 using computers and synthesizers.

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