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Part One of Craig Ball’s Explanation of the Technology Behind e-Discovery.

Craig Ball is one of the grand masters of e-discovery whose base of strength is the technology behind ESI. He is not only an attorney and Special Master, but also a certified forensic engineer who has been working with computers all of his life. Craig has written a tremendous amount on electronic discovery and taught at hundreds, if not thousands of CLEs around the country. Craig is the best in the world at explaining the technology behind the scenes and so we are privileged that he took the time to make this special video lecture for students of this class. It is divided into six videos with Part one comprised of the first three. You will quickly see that he is also the undisputed master of Microsoft’s PowerPoint software. (Professor Losey claims honors to the Apple’s KeyNote technology, largely because Craig does not use that software.) So, sit back, get the popcorn, and carefully study the first three videos. You will quickly see why Craig Ball is one of the best e-discovery teachers around.




SUPPLEMENTAL READING: Read three or more of the dozens, perhaps hundreds, of online articles that Craig Ball has written on e-discovery and technology issues over the years. Write a memo to yourself of your favorite(s).

EXERCISE: Find a case where Mr. Ball has served as a special master. What was he assigned to do?

Discretionary Bonus Exercise: Find a case where Craig Ball is mentioned that appears to misunderstand the role of a forensic expert.

Students are invited to leave a public comment below. Insights that might help other students are especially welcome. Let’s collaborate!

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