Section 4

Section Four – Technology, Privacy and Ethics.

Module APart One of Craig Ball’s Explanation of the Technology Behind e-Discovery.

Module BPart Two of Craig Ball’s Explanation of the Technology Behind e-Discovery.

Module C – Cooperation and Proportionality in Discovery.

Module DInspector Clouseau and the Insights of Judge Facciola and Malcolm Gladwell Suggest a Bright Future for e-Discovery Lawyers.

Module EHow To Practice Law Like Abraham Lincoln – Be an e-Discovery Lawyer!

Module F Chaos Theories and Information Science.

Module G  4th Circuit Ruling on Illegal e-Discovery Adds Teeth to Federal Anti-Hacker Email Privacy Law.

Module H –  IT Workers Read Your Personal Email and U.S. Law is Generally OK with That.

Module IPrivacy Issues in the Search For Truth.

Module JHash, Search and Privacy.

Module K Lawyer’s Duty of Confidentiality.

Module LJudge Facciola on E-Discovery and Ethics.

Module MLecture by Ralph Losey on Diligence and Cooperation.

Module N Team Ethics and the Qualcomm Saga.

Module OCourt Catches On To Feigned Attorney Cooperation and Client Pays the Consequences.

Module PLaw Firms Threatened by Fat Chameleons.

Module QThere Can Be No Justice Unless Lawyers Maintain High Ethical Standards.

Module R – More on Professional Ethics



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