Welcome to Module 3-D.

Part One of a Lecture by Judge Paul Grimm on the Application of the Rules of Evidence to Electronically Stored Information.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul Grimm, member of the Federal Rules Committee, Professor of Law, and author of several books and articles on procedure and evidence, here makes a special presentation for this course on the key rules governing electronic evidence. The two videos below are the first half of this important lecture.




SUPPLEMENTAL READING: Read the Lorraine v. Markel decision, again, where Judge Grimm puts much of this in writing.

NON-MANDATORY READING. For still more reading, read one or more of the many articles written about the Lorraine decision and write yourself a one paragraph summary of the ones you found to be most interesting and why.

Exercise: See about how many cases have cited to Lorraine. Compare that to the number of times you see that this case decision has been written about on the web by people like me and others who like to write about such things. How do you explain the difference?

Students are invited to leave a public comment below. Insights that might help other students are especially welcome. Let’s collaborate!

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