Section 2

Section Two – Diving Deeper Into the Interdisciplinary Team Approach and the Art of Search

Module AWhat Game Does an e-Discovery Team Play?

Module B – e-Discovery Teams Can Meet the Challenges of the “Zubulake Duty” and Control Excessive Costs.

Module C – Search is the Core Problem of Electronic Discovery, featuring legal opinions of Judge Paul Grimm and Judge John Facciola.

Module D – e-Discovery Team Search and the Ethics: Videos with Judge David Waxse, Losey, and others.

Module E – Two Cases of Inexpert Search, featuring a Losey essay with Sherlock Holmes.

Module F – Team Organization and Operational Issues.

Module G – Ariana Tadler on the Plaintiff’s Perspective to Requesting Electronic Discovery.

Module H – Surveys Shows Negligent e-Records Management Is Creating “Stunning Business Risks” and a Case in the Supreme Court Proves It.

Module I – e-Discovery at the Harvard Club in New York City, featuring the thoughts of David Shonka, Sherry Harris, Tom O’Connor, Monica Bay, and others.

Module J – Jason Baron on Search – How Do You Find Anything When You Have a Billion Emails?

Module K – Child’s Game of “Go Fish” is a Poor Model for e-Discovery Search.

Module L – Part One: The Multi-Modal “Where’s Waldo?” Approach to Search and My Mock Debate with Jason Baron.

Module M – Part Two: The Multi-Modal “Where’s Waldo?” Approach to Search and My Mock Debate with Jason Baron.

Module N – Criminal Case Raises Interesting e-Discovery Search Issues.

Module OWhat Can Happen When Lawyers Delegate Their e-Discovery Duties to a Client.

Module P – Sedona Provides Much Needed Guidance on Email Management, Legal Holds and ESI Preservation.

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